How are Organic Cotton Yoga Pants Material Different from Regular Yoga Pants?

If you are shopping around for a new pair of yoga pants and have noticed both organic and traditional yoga pants, you might wonder what the difference is. You may feel a slight difference in the material, but this is more likely due to the company that produces the pants more than anything else. Due to this, you really need to know how the products are produced to understand what the difference is in organic cotton yoga pants and traditional pants.


First, it starts with the seeds. Organic cotton is grown GMO-free and are untreated. Conventional cotton is treated with fungicides, insecticides and often genetic modification ingredients that are used to increase the size of the cotton. In the soil itself, organic cotton uses crop rotation, which has been a trait of farmers for years.

This happens when a quarter of the land is not used for one year, and then it rotates every year, so nutrients are never depleted form over growing. It also helps with retaining the moisture. Animal manure is used as fertilizer as well. With regular cotton, synthetic fertilizer is used which can result in the loss of soil due to over culturing and intensive irrigation.

 As for protecting the seeds during the growing process, organic cotton uses ‘beneficial insects’ which are used to kill off harmful insects and not eat the plants. Flame weeding and cultivation is used, and some biopesticides that include bacterial and help remove fungal insects are used. With regular cotton, aerial spraying with insecticides. Many of these insecticides do have a connection with cancer, although as it is washed away, the farms are going to point to no direct connection with the clothing.


During harvesting, organic cotton requires natural defoliation with freezing temperatures and used through water management, while traditional cotton is done with the defoliation often using toxic chemicals.

 For regular white cotton, peroxide is used with organic cotton. This is also why organic cotton may not appear as dazzling bright and white as traditional cotton. Traditional cotton uses chlorine bleach and then to finish the cotton, hot water, synthetic surfactants and additional chemicals such as formaldehyde are used. With organic cotton, soft sour in warm water is used.


When dying the cotton for your yoga pants, organic cotton uses a low impact, fire reactive or natural dye that has a low metal or sulfur content. Traditional cotton uses high temperature with heavy metal sulfur content.

If there is print on your yoga pants, regular cotton uses pigment that may be petroleum based and contain heavy metals which can cause problems in the local waterways. Organic cotton uses low impact, water based inks and pigments that don’t have any heavy metals inside of the material at all.

As you see, there is actually a substantial difference in how regular cotton and organic cotton yoga pants are produced. Due to this, you need to really stop and think as to which kind of pants is going to be right for you.