Top 5 Ways to Wear a Headband

Headbands make a great accessory whether worn with evening wear, casual wear or even workout wear. Select brides are even ditching traditional head pieces for the simplicity of a headband. Headbands can be worn with short or long hair as well as by kids and adults alike! There are many different ways to wear a headband including with updos, with braids or with your hair down. For ideas on wearing a headband, check out these 5 fabulous hairstyles.

Headbands 101

Headbands come in a variety of forms, styles and designs including thin, thick, beaded, flowered, layered, braided, and organic cotton. You could even make a headband using your own braided hair. To customize your head piece, add accessories like bows, peacock feathers or flowers to create your own signature look.

A Headband with a Bun

For a natural, pulled together look, grab all your hair up into a loose bun, then place a headband or tie a scarf on top. Or, opt for a bun in the back for a “princess” look. This will give you a style that is functional enough for yoga, yet still stylish enough for lunch or errands afterwards.

Product on image Silly Yogi Knitted Winter Warm Headband.


A Headband with a Braid to the Side

Braid your hair to the side, then add a headband to the top to create a playful, feminine look. Or, or opt for a headband scarf, then intertwine the ends of the scarf into the braid to channel your inner child. Use an elastic band to secure the end.

If you can’t braid, don’t worry, try a side twist, ponytail or bun instead.

Braided Headband Updo

This style creates an ethereal look. To begin, braid your hair into about 5 sections. Slip a headband over your head, then tuck your braids into the headband. Or, tuck only the top half of your hair into the headband for a half up half down style.

A Headband with French Braids

This is a great style for a yoga session or date night. To achieve this look, simply braid your hair into two french braids, leaving a section of loose hair down in the back. Place a layered headband boho style, which means, pulling the headband down to your forehead similar to a sweatband, to complete the look.

A Headband with Naturally Curly Hair

Celebrate your natural curls with this signature style. Using your own natural hair, or simply curl your hair into a plethora of curls, then place a thin headband over the top of your head.

Product on image  Autumn Delight Woolen Headband.



A headband can be used to complete just about any style. You can even coordinate your headband to match your outfit, and moms can coordinate their headbands to match their little ones. To add more style to your look, simply push the back of the headband up to create a slight bump. For longer hair styles, feel free to create side bangs as part of your style or simply allow sweeps of your own natural hair to fall for a softer, more flirty look.