4 Inspired Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Yoga Practice

Have you ever started something with the best intentions but then life happens and it’s a struggle to stay motivated? Many times in life the results of the experience are more appealing to us than the experience itself. If you’ve ever felt that tug to work a little late or accept that invitation to go out with friends instead of doing your yoga class you’re in luck. We have compiled 4 inspired ways to help motivate you.

 1. Know Your Why

When you begin a practice there is a reason behind it. Especially when you begin an exercise program you have something that motivated you to start. Knowing your “why” is taking that information and going deeper. As an example let’s say you started yoga because you wanted to do a group activity. Now go deeper. Perhaps you really want to connect with like-minded people or you want to feel less isolated and make deep, meaningful friendships. See, once you “know your why” you can tap into that deeper emotion if you feel like skipping class.

2. Set Goals or Create a Vision

Setting goals can give competitive spirits a way to stay energized about a routine. Set short and long term goals and remember to acknowledge your wins. Heck, you can splurge on a gift every time you hit another milestone. Goal setting and rewards go a long way in keeping yourself interested and encouraged.

If you aren’t very competitive then create a vision. Writing down how you see yourself progressing and claiming the desired results as already yours can be both inspiring and motivating.

3. Create a Ritual

Science tells us that repetition eventually turns into habits. By integrating yoga into your routine, you will make it a habit. Try going a step further though and create a ritual for yourself. If it’s an after work session then create a special playlist of music to listen to on the way.

If it’s an early morning workout make a very specific, special hot beverage that you love, but only indulge in before your workout.

4. Make it Your “Me Time”

Everyone likes to do things for themselves. Make yoga your “me time”. Invest in yourself by purchasing a great bag, cushy mat, fun accessories and stylish clothing. If you are into having all the latest gear, you will enjoy putting your workout bag together and getting to use your “toys”.

If you are into getting pampered create a little yoga corner in your home. Light a candle, burn a little sage and play some music. Then spend some time in Savasana to remind yourself how wonderful you feel after a session. Do whatever makes you feel good and incorporate your yoga workout into that “me time”.

A yoga practice has many mental and physical benefits and staying motivated can help you enjoy those benefits. Remember, the more connected you feel to the outcome and the more invested you are in the process the better your chances are of integrating a yoga routine into your life for the long term.