How to Wear a Sarong

Whether you are visiting the beaches of Hawaii or you just are looking to enjoy the beach and the sun, wearing a sarong is one of the best ways to do this. Of course, this useful piece of clothing gives you all sorts of wearing methods, so you can always change it up, depending on your mood and what you are looking at wearing with the sarong.

Art Flow Skirt Sarong Wrap
Mini Skirt

To wear the sarong as a mini skirt, fold it in half lengthwise, then hold i behind your waist, like you are drying off with a towel. Wrap the sarong around your waist in the front and tie the two ends together. This is going to give you a nice, mini skirt look. You can then change the angle of the the knot, depending on what you prefer.


Longer Skirt

If you would rather have more skin covered with the sarong, you need to place the sarong behind your waist, without folding it in half. Now, wrap the sarong around the middle of your waist and switch the covers over one another so the corner around your right side is now in front of your left side. Pull the sarong tight and tuck the corners into the waist in order to prevent the sarong from falling off.


Sun Dress

Behind just skirts, you can wear the sarong like a sun dress. You can even play games on the beach while you wear the sarong as a sun dress. Place the long edge of your sarong across the middle of your back, right under the armpits (again, like you are using a towel, but drying off your back). Now, hold the corners of the wrap out in front of you and cross them over, so the left side of the sarong is in front of your right side and vice versa. Hold the two ends and lift them up and pull them around the back of your neck. Once behind the back of your neck, you can tie it in a double knot to secure it. This gives you a comfortable dress and provides you with another option for the sarong.

Sheer Floral Skirt Sarong Wrap

While there are all sorts of different ways to wear your sarong, the mini skirt, long skirt and sun dress are three of the most often used. There really is nothing you are not able to do with a sarong.